Haggis can be played with a standard pack of cards.

It isn’t widely played, possibly because it’s never become well known, which is a bit of a shame, because it is a good card game.

It was published a few years back, having been devised by Sean Ross. It was marketed with its own little tartan box – but it seems to have dropped off the shelves.

It’s not difficult, but because it’s not snap or sevens, it does take a few hands to get used to.
But what half-decent cards game doesn’t … 😃

How to play.

Haggis is not a hard slog. An especially easy way to find out how it works is simply to look at the “how to play” link above. It’s brief, and it tells all – there’s no point in simply repeating it here.

Unlike the published version and the version available online, this description is for two players only, and it uses only four suits – not the five that were devised when Sean Ross put it together for more than two to play.

It also uses a scoring system that’s less complicated than the one for four players that Sean devised. He suggests it as one that keeps things easy.

Anyway …. Haggis is …

  • highly replayable
  • skill & strategy are learned
  • can be combative
  • it’s trick taking but in a different way to such games as Spades, Solo, and Whist
  • in a way, it’s a kind of combination of rummy and whist
  • luck of the deal is involved of course