We are fairly regular but casual players.
We like playing card and board games, and do so quite often
as just we two,
or with a small group of friends

At first we found the two player version novel, exciting, and “playable”.

There is an opening phase, during which players begin to plan their options. This is largely driven by the luck of the draw of the cards one’s dealt. It is good fun though.

This followed by a “middle section” of the game, where one tries to add to one’s own expeditions and to hold back cards the opponent wants. This calls for some tactical thinking, which again is fairly strongly luck-laden. But that is true of all games, so it’s not ‘bad’ for this game.

This section also is quite good fun.

Sadly, though, we then move towards the finish, during which time there’s less opportunity for further competition.

It has good-fun potential for truly casual players.

Using the BoardGameGeek rating guides we give it 5,
but many give it much more !!