Sequence is a lightweight board and card game, with no trick taking or collecting or gathering.
Rather, it’s about pattern building: sequences of cards.

To do this, it uses a board that shows all the 100 cards in two standard card decks (not including the 4 Jacks), dispersed across a 10 x 10 matrix.

In turn, players choose a card from their hand to lay down, immediately covering the image of one of the same cards on the board with one of their coloured counters.

Teams, pairs, or individuals compete to create sequences, which may be rows, columns or diagonals of five connected counters: and to stop opponents from doing so. The game ends when someone reaches an agreed number of connections.

Cards are dealt out at random at the start of each round, but the timing and location of play is down to the players. So, with a little strategic thinking, cooperation from partners, and a good share of luck, you can be a winner.

  • minimal learning
  • easy setting up
  • replayable
  • thinking ahead ability can develop with play
  • calls for a bit of strategic thinking
  • mildly combative
  • luck is involved