Games for a gathering

Here are some possibles that lend themselves to board games gatherings for people who like to meet and play at a ‘casual’ level.

Any good game takes a bit of learning.
To get it well and truly under your belt may take one or two plays.
The times shown are for players who know the games – newcomers take a bit longer.

None is as slow-moving as Monopoly, or as complicated as Dungeons & Dragons.
All are modern, in the sense that they’re post millenium.
They’re competitive, unless stated otherwise.

There will be assistance and guidance. Rules & procedures will be explained clearly (hopefully).

Click the images for more details about the games.

A version including an expansion that means it can be played by up to six.

It’s good with three players, but gets better with more.

This game is definitely best with four players.

It’s about judiciously choosing and placing pictorial dominoes, so it’s not heavy on rules and procedures. That makes it a nice game for an introduction to (or return to) board game playing.

A game that’s best for three or four. The aim is accumulate most victory points – that’s the most common way that winning is achieved in modern games.

It calls for decisions about whether to increase your esteem as a Merchant by having a shopfront with the most goods on display, or to go for prizes and points by keeping highly valued goods in hand – away from prying eyes.

Trouble is, other Merchants are equally keen to gain wealth end esteem.

6Nimmt – Tokaido – Flamme – Kanagawa – Ticket – Catan – Viticulture – Jekyll (2) – Jack (2)