With a fairy story to introduce it, this 33-card trick-taking game for two players combines strategy, hand management, and guesswork.

As usual, ranked and suited cards are used to win tricks. But the odd-numbered cards in each of the three suits bring their holder different benefits. They display fairy tale characters such as a Fox and a Witch, each of which brings special abilities to the person playing them.
They can take actions like changing the trump suit, or leading even after they lose the trick.
“oh yes I can !!!

The special action cards and their colourful images clearly tell players what they can be used for, so help their decisions along.
There’s a summary card that describes all the “specials”, too.

Well worth keeping to hand in the early days.

As you’d expect from a trick taking game, points accrue mainly from winning more tricks than your opponent. But it’s important that players don’t get greedy, because if they win too many tricks, they will fall, like the villain in so many fairy tales, ending up with nothing. So, avoid too much smash and grab! 😃

On the other hand, if a player loses loads of tricks, they may be substantially rewarded for their humility. As in so many a fairy story, it’s about winning, but not too outrageously.

The choice is to decide as tricks progress whether you are going to play to win (but not too heavily), or to lose (heavily). Will your cards, your play, and your opponent allow you to employ your strategy?

  • no setting up needed
  • replayable
  • strategy changes from turn to turn
  • quite combative in gentle fashion – a little bit ‘easy’
  • trick taking
  • fair amount of luck involved
  • may not challenge experienced card players

I’d like to own Foxy