If you print back-to-back, check that the orientation’s right.
It’s not crucial but it helps 😊

Keep those Black Sonata search scores.

Another testing solo game from John Grills.

A rules-reminder and bleak score keeper.

A score record sheet.

John Grills’s great Escape game reflects the unbelievable difficulty that faced POW escapers.
This record sheet gives solo players a little extra leeway, so they can give themselves a score even when tunnelers don’t get home ~ provided that they make it beyond the first sweep for escapees by the camp guards.

The score sheet was put together to keep a personal record of adventures in the lair.
John Grills @ Zadorf has devised a game that isn’t easy, but it can be done!
This sheet can record all those nearly but not quite occasions.

Record your trips to the sewer.