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► Prepare the deck

Sort all characters except Spy and Guards into alphabetical order, keeping them face up.
Note that Mc = MC.

Place Guards directly above (in front of) these three characters, so that the Guards are atop the diggers.
► Curly
► Grizzly
► Skipper

Place the Spy directly above Lucky in the same way.

Flip the deck so that its face down, making sure to retain the order.

Take the upper 10 cards as a group, and transfer them to the bottom of the deck – again, ensuring that card order isn’t changed.

One by one, transfer another 18 cards from the upper (face down) pack to the bottom.
This changes their order.

Finally, and again as a group, place another 10 cards at the bottom.

► Get started

Play in the standard fashion, not using any tweaks to make it easier.

Welcome home, heroes. ❗

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