The Hollow Woods

For four players

Not tested at all – merely ‘conceived’ ??

Twelve non ‘effects’ cards will each have one coloured dot – red, green, blue, yellow: three of each.
The two others will have (a) red/green combo: (b) blue/yellow combo.
Each player has (unseen by others) a token displaying one of the colours – that’s their colour.

The scoring is 2 points for each coloured dot showing at the end. If two such cards are contiguous, 4 points. If three are: 8 points.
Combo cards count 1 point for each colour. If two cards of one of the colours are contiguous, 3 points. If three are: 6 points.
Active scoreboard on display. Nobody knows which colour players are, so the score markers are ‘anonymous’ until the end (or until someone lets the cat out of the bag).

Everyone’s dealt four cards : four left over. Someone starts the story.
On one occasion, players are allowed to exchange one card from their hand with any card at random from the four.

Special effects cards

1 – Grim reaper – ‘kills’ the prior card. Place reaper atop last card and reconstrue story.

2 – Ogre – may end the story if three other effects cards have been played or says what the next card’s colour must not be. If next player cannot comply (the only have the forbidden colour), pass on until someone can comply. If nobody can, game ends.

3 – Werewolf – next play in fear drops (face down) one of their cards, chosen at random by the werewolf. If it comes after two contiguous (or more), the next two players are thus terrified.

4 -Dragon – players can choose to repeat colour of last card and score accordingly or pick up one of their own cards that was ‘werewolfed’

5 – unicorn – players can choose to exchange hidden colour token with another player of their choice or all cards with another player

6 – mischievous goblin – invert any two cards, thus halving their scores: move scroe markers backwards accordingly. (see note earlier about ‘combo’ cards for guidance on how to handle them.)