Just One

Just One?” you might mutter … “one what”? 😶
Well it turns out that it’s just one word, and just one guess.

Judging from the comments of many who’ve added to the reviews at BoardGameGeek, it’s a game that may lead to many more words than one: a great facilitator of good fun at all ages: for all levels of expertise and ability. Yet its simplicity seems to have astonished many who thought it could never be worth their attention.

It’s a cooperative game, so at the end of just thirteen turns, it’s the overall score for the whole group that counts. During the course of the game, we see everybody trying to work in concert and perfect harmony. After all, they’re aiming for the same goal.

Each turn, one player swallows deeply, and sits in the guesser’s seat.
The others are clue creators.
Unseen by the guesser, a single word is picked out of hundreds that can turn up by chance from the stack of game-cards.

Now, with their little plastic easels to hand, and with no collaboration (that’s very naughty) the rest of the players write down just one word that may act as a clue to the one on display. Any duplicates are chucked out, no matter how great might the likelihood have been that “this will lead her straight to it”.

So the clever clue givers have to avoid being too obvious, lest by doing so they find that everybody’s written down the same word, which gets thrown out, thus cutting down the chances of the guesser’s achieving their moment of glory!

When all words are ready to be revealed, and with just one guess, the guesser can go on to win praise and glory, merely by saying what the target word is. What could be easier … 😃

Six of us enjoyed it immensely after an evening meal!

  • minimal learning ….
  • nevertheless, you’ll have to think
  • no setting up
  • very replayable
  • everybody is involved all the time
  • the only luck is what words turn up … creating clues

Want one – just one?