Magic Maze

co-operative game

Four shoplifters with magical abilities have taken a trip to their local shopping centre to do a short session of ‘freetail therapy’.

The centre’s a bit of a maze, and this maze grows – like magic.

Rather than trying to do better than each other, players collaborate and co-operate,
as partners in crime.

Their task is to manage the four shoplifters (well, coloured meeples – but let’s pretend 😁)
during their stealing trip to their local shopping centre.

Most of the time they move around like ordinary folk – North, South, East and West – sometimes using escalators. But, magically, they also can ride a vortex to transport themselves in space, crossing whatever’s in their way.

As their controllers, players must cooperate, and lead the shoplifters to the goods they want to grab,
whilst the shopping complex becomes ever more so.

Once having grabbed goods, they must all find their way back home through the maze,
along with their ill gotten gains.

There’s no point in getting back home with no goods: some shoplifter you are! Getting home without first having grabbed their goods equals failure – they lose the game.

To make things worse, a sand-timer is against them. They have limited time in which to pull off their heist!

Can it get any worse? YES.

To avoid the thieves being detected by security guards, their controllers must not communicate in anything but the most limited way. They’re allowed to speak with each other (about the game in play) only under special circumstances, and for a brief span of time.

Silence reigns!

Working together to achieve the goal is a big challenge!