Moniker – another word for ‘name

This is a clue giving game for two teams. It’s totally unlike other clue games like Articulate or Concept.
It is quite unique.
It can be great fun, very lively, energetic, and mentally demanding, as this brief outline reveals.

Within any single game there are just three rounds – and within any round, there may be tons of turns.

Each of the three rounds is totally different to the one that went before, and every turn within a round is controlled by a moniker card.

At the top is the card’s ‘name’ – here, it’s ‘Transportation Security Administration’.

This one’s daft isn’t it … and it would make sense only to people from the USA.
(You can put such cards aside and not use them of course).

But even this card shows what we need to know. At the top is the ‘name’, which may be a real or fictitious person, a ‘thing’ or agency … its moniker … what it’s called.

Then comes a description of it, along with its category – including ‘et cetera’.

Then its point value.

All members of both teams participate during every round – they all must take their turn. They only have a short time to do their business … generally just a minute. They give as many cards’ clues as they can fit it, and they can skip cards they don’t like or can’t do, or that aren’t quickly guessed by their team.

Points are scored for correct guesses by the giver’s team mates.

There’s a battery of clue-cards. These cards (no new ones are added) go round and round, every one being used more than once during the course of the game. So, clue guessers may hear the same moniker described differently – more than once – more than twice, perhaps.

Round one

In this round, clue givers can give as big a description as they want, without using anything within the moniker itself.

The round goes on until all the cards have been guessed – so players may find themselves in the seat of clue-giver more than once. They may even find themselves trying to provide a clue to the same moniker more than once …. 😄

Round two

All the same clue-cards are used, but this time clue givers are allowed to use one word only !! Without any gestures or noises, either !

Round three

Once all the monikers have been guessed during round two, we move to something that’ll get everybody moving … perhaps palpitating, falling over with laughter, or screaming in frustration.

This time, the moniker must be presented entirely without words – it must be acted, gestured, revealed with ‘sound effects. A sort of charade.

In a nutshell …

  • great for a bit of a party
  • casual players
  • the guide makes all pretty clear
  • highly replayable … if you have the energy
  • shouting rude words at the oppostion is forbidden … 😊
Good fun explanatory video