This is an easy-to-learn game, set in Alice’s Wonderland. Both players have a deck of nine cards, portraying characters from her adventures, along with their unique powers.

Players do battle across the teacups by simultaneously flipping over the top card of their deck. The player with the highest numbered card can either use the card’s effect, or they can buy a new card
to put into their deck: expanding their later chances!

Here’s where luck plays a big part of course, and where the pink flamingo can be a great bird to have around: it gives its holder the advantage whenever there’s a tie
(including in the final scoring phase).

Cards’ effects include such things as collecting hourglasses or tarts, or destroying cards, which enables destroyers to gain scoring-stars.

Cards also have purchasing power, allowing players to buy cards to enhance their hands, which may lead to extra advantage during the final scoring phase. How? Well, at the end, the person holding most of some characters will get bonus scores: as to which characters, well, that changes game by game.

Alice is a powerful persona, as you’d expect, with a buying power of eight. The Rabbit’s power is but one. Mind you, the Rabbit’s also able to destroy cards – which is good stuff for the player who calls him forth!
It’s not quite what you’d expect of him from his personality profile as menitioned in Rabbitopedia

So, a deck-building game that combines pretty-easy rules and some strategic play. The artwork is strongly affiliated with the children’s story, but you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s just a kiddies’ game.

  • great fun
  • takes a few turns to get used to what to do for the best
  • not many choices for actions at each turn – but which to do ?
  • minimal setting up
  • luck is involved, mainly in the order in which cards appear
  • tactics matter
  • replayable
  • deck-building … a little bit combative