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FG4CP title flyHello – I’m EB, and I’d like to briefly explain how to play an excellent good fun game for two players – Jekyll versus Hyde, which can buy at Fun games for casual players dot com
title line bottom with YouTube address ??If you’d like to view my introduction to the game, it’s here.
This is a card laying game, where each player is trying to win tricks. That means that one person puts down a card, and their opponent has to lay one down in response. Always, the most powerful card will win the trick. I just used the term ‘most powerful’ on purpose, as I’ll explain soon.
In JvH it is often but not always the card with the highest number on it that wins.
In JvH there are three suits of coloured cards, each with seven cards – numbered one to seven.
show 3 redsOne suit is red – red for wrath, showing images of the evil Mr Hyde in angry mode.
3 greensThen there’s a green suit – green for envy, of course. And we again have the horrible Hyde on display, exuding envy.
3 violetsLast, but by no means least we have purple – which, apparently, is the colour of pride.
show 3 cards in a ‘ring’No suit is any stronger than any other at the outset.
However, a unique feature of the game is that these three suits, the three colours vary during play in terms of their ‘potency’. No one suit or colour will become trumps, as happens in many trick taking games, but as play proceeds, the suits do range from weakest to strongest.
show all 4Along with the 21 suit-cards (red, green, and purple) there also are four potion cards.
They display phials of the chemical potion that Dr Jekyll inadvisedly created and so unwisely employed: the potion that eventually led to Hyde’s taking him over completely.
These cards are not red, nor green, nor purple – in a way, they’re colourless. They are numbered, like the suit cards, but they have a plus sign beside the number, giving them a bit of extra strength.
That means that, for example, that a 2+is stronger than a 1 or a 2, but not as strong as a 3.
Playing potions just at the right time can be very powerful, changing the whole lie of the land. Potions can change the way each player manages their hand and their card playing from then onwards.
J & H visitor cardsAt the start of a game, which lasts for three turns, one player becomes Dr Jekyll, and the other becomes Mr Hyde.
And they sit with the board between them.
show marker thereAs you can see, there are 11 spaces on the board, and the score marker is put on Dr Jekyll’s end-space to begin the game.
The marker’s got Jekyll’s face on one side, and Hyde’s on the other, so both Jekyll and Hyde are at home at the outset.
Before we show you a few tricks being played, along with explanations of what’s happening, it’s important to know what the two characters are trying to achieve.
In Jekyll vs Hyde, the two players have diametrically different aims.
demo – pointJekyll does not want the evilness of Hyde to move beyond the front door. He would like the score marker to stay exactly where it is.
demo – pointHyde, on the other hand, wants to push his way outside, and move right across the board to the pit of evil.
So, at the end of each of the three turns, Hyde hopes to be able to take a number of steps towards evilness, moving away from Jekyll’s more civilised side.
Jekyll, on the other hand, would dearly like to see no gap between where they each stand. For each of the three turns, he wants Hyde to make no movement. He doesn’t want to have Hyde sidling off to commit yet more atrocities.
Once Hyde has moved, there’s no getting him to return – he can be halted, but he cannot be hauled back.
If, at the end of any of the three turns, Hyde gets all the way across the ten steps, evil wins.
If Hyde doesn’t make it all the way by the end of turn three, Dr Jekyll wins.
So there we are – that’s what they’re trying to achieve.
So, how does Hyde manage to move? Well, this is where the issue of either winning or losing tricks becomes a little different to what’s usual in trick-taking card games.
It’s not a question of who wins most tricks that matters. Rather, it’s the gap between the number of tricks taken by the two of them that’s important.
info. confirmation flierSo, if Jekyll wins 5 tricks and Hyde wins 5, the gap between them is zero – and that’s how many steps Hyde is permitted to take: none.
info. flierIf Dr Jekyll wins all 10, and Hyde wins none, that’s a disaster for the Doctor, even though he’s won so many, because the gap between them is 10 – 10 minus zero. So Hyde can take 10 steps, and in one leap, so he’s got right across the road to evil – he’s won.
Exactly the same would have been true if Hyde had won 10, and Jekyll had won none – a gap of 10 again.
info. flierOne last example: Hyde wins 6 tricks and Jekyll wins 4. The gap between their trick-count is 2 – that’s how many steps Hyde can take.
We’ll move on to a short demonstration now, and I’ll explain some important things as we go along. These things concern….
title flierthe strength of colours. Which suits are least and most powerful.
title flierwhat determines which card wins the trick
title flierthe effect of potions – what happens when a potion card is played
title flierhow to lead a potion card, and what happens when you do
So we shuffle all 21 cards, and deal 10 each. Whoever is Jekyll is first player, who both deals and starts.
showIf Hyde ever crosses to beyond the fold on the board, he becomes first player for following turns.
So we look at our cards and, remembering that Jekyll wants no gap and that Hyde wants maximum gap between the number of tricks taken by each of them, we begin to wonder “how on earth am I going to do that“.
showBut before play begins, in turn one, players must exchange one card.
Jumping ahead, in turn two, they’ll have to exchange two cards before starting, and in turn three, it’s three cards.
If either of them has more than one potion card, then they must exchange at least one potion card.
So here are their hands after they’ve exchanged. Hyde had two potions, so had to give one of them to Jekyll. Jekyll gave Hyde the four of wrath (red).
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