Print off a leaflet so that every player can have a reminder
and a score guide to hand.

This is a game with low demand for deep thought, but plenty of opportunity for players to gasp and groan, and be offended at the greediness of others.

The game’s colourfully created to present nearly seventy mouthwatering slices of pizza, of several different and much loved types. Even in the UK, Pizzapedia tells us that there are many variations.
Turn by turn, each player acts as the slicer, taking a pile of pizza slices (not being able to see what the fillings are), and then revealing them: laid out in true pizza fashion for all to see.
Any single pizza will contain a mishmash of different kinds of slices.

Then the slicer cuts the pizza into portions. Slicing is rarely done with eyes closed. The slicer, blade in hand, will no doubt be trying to cut it up so as not to advantage anybody too much, and in the hope that something really tasty will be left for themselves, after the gannets have gone (slicers always get the last portion).

Each portion is chosen and taken by the hungry eaters, going round the table. The slicer goes last, taking what’s left over. When they take delivery of their portion of pizza, players must decide whether to eat (some of) the slices they’ve grabbed, or keep them. Each is trying to get as much out of their pizzas as they can.

Eating the pizza, especially with pepperoni, can lead to good scores later. Leaving lovely anchovies uneaten might end in tears, as they may count against you at score-time.

Getting more slices of a particular pizza than anybody else can make for much satisfaction.

Oh, and there’s always a special to go along with the pizza. Specials provide special powers or points, and are well worth having ~ if you can get to them first, and without losing out on other tasty opportunities. It’s all a question of choice and balance. If you have a choice of which pizza portion to take, which will it be: and what are you going to do with its separate slices?

New York Slice is …

  • replayable, with infinite pizza variations
  • quite lightweight to play
  • can become intensely competitive
  • good fun, especially with more players
  • unlikely to become an Olympic Games sport